About Us

At Cypress Lake Recovery, we combine the dual treatment approach with integrated family therapy, support, and a holistic outlook on recovery. Our treatment center provides our patients with an interactive and therapeutic environment that’s all-inclusive from the inside out. We use the land surrounding our sanctuary to envelop the holistic approach by living, breathing, and interacting with nature. Cypress Lake Recovery isn’t an institutionalized treatment center but a retreat-like home setting that awakens the mind, body, and spirit to a thriving natural state. The beauty encapsulating Cypress Lake Recovery is meant to symbolize everything wonderful waiting for you in a world free of drugs, alcohol, and addictive behaviors.

Cypress Lake Recovery is proud to be a Joint Commission-accredited center. This accreditation is recognized nationally as a leading standard in excellence across various healthcare disciplines. We are proud to be recognized by the Joint Commission and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional addiction recovery and mental health services. Contact us today to learn more about how this distinction makes us unique!

Our Values and Philosophy

We believe in building a strong foundation for each of our patients so that they may enjoy the fruits of their labors. There is a sense of calm, enjoyment, and complete comfort in knowing that after rehabilitation, you will have everything you need to be successful. At Cypress Lake Recovery Lodge, we invite each patient to participate in their recovery every single day; recovery is a choice. We don’t punish our patients for their past but rather embrace the belief in something far greater than us and focus on the future.

For an effective and balanced treatment, we must believe in ourselves to fight for a better life every day. Recovery treatment is about making a promise to ourselves that our sober future will be bright and can coexist happily with the world around us. Cypress’ staff and medical team take great measures to build a continuously safe and nurturing environment that cultivates trust between patients, staff, and every individual that wishes to seek full recovery. Here you will find the building blocks for restructuring your life and working toward a brighter future. Everything before Cypress Lake Recovery is accounted for and carefully acknowledged; we offer you a fresh start. It’s healthy to recognize our strengths and weaknesses but not dwell on them; we must let go and live on proactively.

Togetherness, Accountability, and Success

Each day we begin with a list of personal goals and morning meditations to ponder how we plan to achieve these goals and be present throughout treatment in our mind, body, and spirit. Daily chores, community, and individual activities lay out the day to close with 12-step meetings and family-style dinners. Collective recovery and camaraderie are at the height of our daily accomplishments because a team works together to be accountable and provide lasting support.

We believe in…

  • Nurturing healthy relationships within yourself, with family, friends, and partners
  • Maintaining a state of complete mindfulness supported by yoga, Pilates, and meditation
  • Staying true to our words and actions
  • Attending to the collective well-being and needs of our peers
  • Making an impact on each patient to be intimately involved in their success
  • Creating a memorable experience, woven into the idea that joy and happiness are achievable without guilt
  • Full recovery and sober living are possible
  • Honesty, safety, and trust, above all