Experience with addiction is valuable, and we at Cypress Lake Recovery encourage our alumni members to come back and share theirs with our newest patients. It’s one thing to tell you what it’s like outside of a recovery program that is supervised full-time, but it’s an entirely different thing to see it. That’s why our alumni are so valuable to our patients and our team since they can share true life experiences they’ve had since the day they finished their recovery program with us at Cypress.

Alumni Have Walked the Path Before

Many of our patients have anxiety about life after their residential recovery program, but we immediately try our best to ease that stress. Our clients are a testament to the fact that our treatment plans work, and they work because we truly make these programs individually distinct. Your addiction and your lifestyle are your own, so why would we make a cookie cutter treatment plan that only promises to cover 20-30% of the people that go through it. Suffering from addiction is a struggle and the reason many of our patients are there in the first place is that they’re stressed. To ease that anxiety about what’s to come after treatment, we call on alumni to share their experience and ease those fears.

Alumni have been through everything from the close encounters to relapse and the shining moments where they’ve resisted the addiction and chosen themselves. We know that you have questions about life after recovery, and you should be able to ask them freely. During our alumni coordinated events, we ask them to share their stresses and trials as they think back on the first few weeks following treatment with Cypress Lake Recovery. Every patient present will have a chance to spend some one on one time with the alumni to ask those questions. We encourage current patients to connect with alumni and create an extension of their support system outside their family circle and their peers; it’s a good idea to make sober connections on the outside.

Sober Living Strategies

As you go through your recovery program, we teach you skills that are useful in resisting relapse as well as the social skills you will need to reintegrate yourself into social situations and to meet new people. Addiction isolates and makes the person affected feel hopeless and alone. In therapy, we help you to rebuild your family relationships and how to cultivate new relationships. Addiction is self-centered, and it can be difficult to think of others, but talking over these points with alumni can reveal so much. Simply asking them what the most difficult moments for them were, can help you find ways to deal with things easily and comfortably.

You may have anxiety over the environment in which you live at home, but alumni can offer their personal sober coping strategies to get you started. Maybe going straight back home isn’t what’s best for you, perhaps you’re thinking about looking into one of our aftercare services. Alumni have all taken different paths to get to where they are today, and you may find someone that has a similar background that can offer extra information so that you can make an informed decision.

Make lasting connections with out alumni, and see that you have support. When you interact with others that have made it, you’ll know that you can too. Call Cypress Lake Recovery at 866-217-2636. Check out our calendar of events by clicking here, to see when the next alumni event will be. Family of current patients are encouraged to attend.