Aftercare Services

Recovery is a Lifelong Journey

When a residential addiction recovery program ends, that doesn’t mean the addiction does. Sobriety is a lifelong commitment that continuously needs to be reinforced, supported and altered as we grow in our skill to resist temptation, learn to understand our triggers and how to overcome them. Our aftercare services programs offer every client at Cypress Lake Recovery the ability to maintain and build a foundation of sober support. The relationships we build in recovery last a lifetime because lives change in recovery.

In recovery our clients learn life skills, relapse prevention and strategies to remain sober outside of our addiction program. We teach our clients everything they should know about their addiction, their personal triggers, and tendencies when faced with conflict. Our clients are prepared for the real world, with skills that will allow them to be dynamic and flexible to their ever changing environment.

In addition to the skills provided in therapy, we offer our addiction recovery program alumni the ability to come back to Cypress Lake Recovery and share their experiences with current clients. These alumni events offer our clients first-hand accounts of what life is like after recovery and provides them with additional strategies for successful recovery.

Our alumni remain connected with staff and their peers long after recovery treatment has finished. We truly value each and every client that invests their time and strength into our programs, which is why we built aftercare services programs, to help them continue their journey with added support and resources for the rest of their lives.

Our Aftercare Services Include:


Alumni and their families are encouraged to join us for special events to help inspire new clients and to participate in our group counseling sessions, 12-step meetings and more. We reach out to every alumni member to check in with them because we value each client and their successes with us. No member is left behind, and all are invited to make connections with our current clients, to offer them an extended branch of support and sponsorship.

Transitional Living

As each client moves through the various stages of addiction recovery treatment, these aftercare services can be tailored to their needs. Not all clients are ready to leave residential treatment, so we provide a transitional living program that can help them build confidence and to transition into their independent living environment. Our transitional living program allows each client to receive mental health, counseling, nutrition planning and integrative treatments while living within our facilities part-time. We help our clients obtain work and equip them with additional skills for the added stress of new experiences.

Post-Treatment Monitoring

We understand that life after residential recovery can be challenging, but we’re here for you. Many of our clients can appreciate this post-treatment monitoring because it offers them a way to remain accountable and provides an additional resource for support. Depending on your post-treatment plan, we will meet with you every week or every two weeks to counsel you on any concerns you may have. We also offer drug testing during these meetings. We want you to succeed!

Relapse Prevention Skills

The strategies you learn in recovery can potentially save your life, which is why we cover all the bases with our relapse prevention skills. Relapse prevention is a summation of everything you have learned in counseling sessions, integrative therapy treatments and those in meditation. These skills are molded to each client as they go through recovery because every person is different, and so are their addiction triggers. These skills offer a game plan for any situation in the future that could potentially cause a relapse. These skills build strength and resilience to addictive substances and any external factors that previously supported the addiction.

If you’re considering a residential treatment program at Cypress Lake Recovery, we want you to know that your care extends beyond the time you spend in treatment. We offer aftercare service that can further extend support where it’s needed. Call Cypress Lake Recovery today and let’s talk about recovery.