Equine Therapy

When people think of addiction therapy, they immediately think about small group discussions, but it is way more than that. Integrative therapies are paving the way for everyone dealing with drug or alcohol addiction. Equine Therapy is the implementation of Equine activities or surroundings to benefit the physical and mental health of someone going through an addiction recovery. We implement Equine Therapy because horses are gentle creatures who easily make connections with humans.

The Benefits of Equine Therapy

At Cypress Lake Recoverywe treat a variety of addictions from alcohol, substance abuse, and prescription drugs. Addiction and dependency can alter our social skills, mental health, and physical health. There is something unique about Equine therapy in addiction treatment. This therapy can be more than riding a horse, it’s about creating a relationship with the horse. It takes some time to build each other’s trust with you and the horse. Equine Therapy can include setting goals with the horse such as leading, handling, as well as riding. These tasks will support growth in relationships and help to set goals in life.

How Does Equine Therapy Work in Recovery?

Our holistic treatment in recover serves the purpose of overcoming an addiction, as well as bettering the person’s mental and physical health. Anxiety can play a major role with addiction, so Equine therapy can include the task of riding a horse to help with anxiety. Also, scheduling tasks and setting goals improve your duties for daily activities in a job, school, etc.

Equine Therapy Helps with:

  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Active Communication
  • Social Skills
  • Responsibility
  • Healing

A Horses Role in Equine Therapy

Horses react to a person’s behavior, and they can sense danger. They don’t react to a person’s appearance or judge a person’s past mistakes. This can be very beneficial in someone’s recover and therapy. There is a reason why many people who raise horses have a special bond with them. The horse can sense a problem, but only react to how you behave. When creating a relationship and bond with a horse, trust is being built in the process.

Equine Therapy at Cypress Lake Recovery

Equine Therapy is a holistic approach we take in recover and treatment for addiction and substance abuse. At Cypress Lake Recoveryour dedicated staff cares for every person that comes to us for help with addiction. No matter what stage of the process you’re in, we make the commitment to help someone in recovery with a specific plan in place for each individual. If you’re someone who is suffering from addiction or substance abuse, or you know someone, we encourage you to contact us at 409-407-4976 today or visit us online for more information!