Residential Treatment

Cypress Lake Recovery offers every patient a nurturing and cohesive recovery environment that focuses on self-awareness, accountability, community development, support, education, counseling, and medical care. We address our patients’ spiritual, emotional, and physical needs as these are the pillars of whole-person care.

Live-In Recovery Provides Stability

An inpatient program is the best way to begin your recovery, as there are no distractions while you heal. The discipline of a live-in program will help each patient develop the stability of complete recovery and daily wellness plans that include mental health counseling, set meal schedules, planned activities, integrative therapies, and peer support groups. We help you to create a strong foundation for a sober living lifestyle. Living in addiction is disorganized, unpredictable, and littered with the stress of losing your grip on your responsibilities, relationships with your family, and the rapid decline of your health.

Rock bottom is a lonely place, and at Cypress Lake Recovery, we have built you the perfect space to find relief from that stress as well as the time and encouragement to find out where your life took a turn. Many patients enrolling in our live-in residential program have tried to find a place that would provide them with real help to a life free of drugs, alcohol, and addictive behaviors. We understand that addiction is difficult, and most patients have no idea how it got to that point. Life’s stresses, mental health conditions, and an unhealthy lifestyle can create a vortex of issues, but we’re here to remedy those.

We provide you with the tools to build your best life.

We provide the right tools to help you build the best life, but it’s up to you to pick up the pieces and bring them all together. Our program will help you identify addictions and the state of your mental health so that we can work with you to develop a custom treatment plan during your stay with us. Every moment is utilized for your benefit here at Cypress Lake Recovery because we want you to succeed long after your treatment with us concludes. The services we provide our patients within the residential recovery program are unlike any other because we blend holistic living and evidence-based therapies with medical care for the mind and body.

Our facility will offer you the space and clarity to see and reflect on the past and present and embrace what life has to offer now and in the future should you decide to work hard in recovery. As you work with our staff to realize your recovery goals, be prepared to learn more about yourself through talk therapy, nature walks, and peer skill-building treatments. Every patient working with Cypress Lake Recovery can live a sober life, so why not realize that potential and do it yourself?

Our residential treatment highlights:

  • Nature and wellness integration
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Physical fitness plans (yoga, pilates, and nature walks)
  • Nutritionist on staff
  • Integrative therapies that include mindful meditations, writing, art, and music
  • 12-step programs introduction and application
  • Community involvement
  • Family, individual, and relationship counseling
  • Outdoor sports (kayaking, fishing, and swimming)

Once you learn to explore the details of your addiction and how to unlock the door to recovery, nothing will stop you from the freedom of clean living. Your mind will open up and yield to creative passions, your body will support your willingness to be more active and care for yourself, and your spirit can become energized. 12-step programs are integrated into our daily treatment system and are designed to offer a spiritually based set of tools to allow you a peer-sharing space. The 12 steps can be paired with meditation practice, mantras, and the promise to improve ourselves.

Counseling and Your Support System

In recovery, no patient works through this alone. We all need active support from the people that are closest to us. At Cypress Lake Recovery, we work with your family members to help them become more educated on the importance of mental health, counseling, life skills, addiction, and relapse prevention as it applies to you. As we provide you with the support you need to be successful, we offer family members a space to share their concerns and receive counseling for their well-being. We may feel alone when we suffer from addiction, but often family members are in the thick of it with us and also need wellness care for their peace of mind. We teach them how to help you but also to remember they, too, need nurturing.

Residential treatment will offer you focused treatment care that is full-time and supervised so that you can get through detox safely and move directly into custom wellness therapy. With persistence and a strong will, you can achieve recovery. We also offer partial hospitalization, outpatient, and transitional living programs. Call Cypress Lake Recovery today and learn everything you need to succeed at 409-407-5463.