Xanax Addiction Treatment

Xanax (Alprazolam) is a benzodiazepine that is often prescribed to treat generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorders and insomnia. It helps to decrease the abnormal excitement in the brain. When used long-term, it can become extremely addictive, and the fact that it is the most prescribed psychiatric medication in the United States is scary. Many times, young kids get addicted to this drug by discovering it in their family’s medicine cabinet. There is a rise in addictions due to the alarming rate of refilled prescriptions from physicians.

At Cypress Lake Recovery, we know that dependency and addiction on prescription drugs can take over someone’s life by affecting their mental and physical health. We believe there is another way to deal with this addiction, rather than resorting back to addiction habits and other drugs. We provide therapy and treatment for addictions of all kinds.

Use of Xanax

Xanax is prescribed to patients who have generalized anxiety disorder and insomnia. It sometimes is refilled too often, which can cause addictions and dependencies to occur in many people. Many people who have been prescribed this drug never have abused drugs before, but they notice the beneficial side effects that they assume more will help.

College student are commonly found to have a Xanax addiction because they acquire it from friends. A common occurrence amongst college students is to mix this drug with alcohol, which can be very dangerous because of binge drinking at parties. When mixing plenty of drinks with plenty of Xanax, people will experience overwhelming side effects that can cause blackouts.

Symptoms and Side Effects of Misusing Xanax:

  • Inability to stop using Xanax
  • Blurred Vision
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Mixing Xanax with other drugs or alcohol
  • Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed

For Family Members and Friends:

Xanax can be an easy drug to fall to because of the loose feeling it gives you. When mixing it with other drugs and a decent amount of alcohol, it produces levels of sedation, anxiety reduction, lethargy, decreased motor reflexes, etc. Being prescribed the medication can also lead to addiction if abused. If you’re someone who knows a loved one struggling with this type of addiction, you should show them support, listen to them, and offer help in the most caring way. Cypress Lake Recovery is here to help you and your loved ones deal with an addiction.

There can be varying symptoms and side effects. If you see these signs with yourself or a loved one dealing with a Xanax addiction, it might be time to get treatment and therapy help from Cypress Lake Recovery. If you or someone you care for is addicted to tranquilizers like xanax, call Cypress Lake Recovery today at 409-407-4976 and learn more about our addiction treatments. We’ll create an addiction treatment plan that will help you stick to the path of recovery.