Cypress Lakes Lodge is now open and excited to announce the launch of our facility and our new website! By confronting past behaviors and working through trauma while supporting wellness, our program synthesizes therapeutic and holistic healing.

Our beautiful treatment center is more than a facility. Nestled on over 200 hundred acres in the breathtaking landscape of Eastern Texas, Cypress Lakes Lodge offers a retreat and adventure unparalleled in the local community. Studies have found that being surrounded by green nature and spending time in the remote comfort of trees increases feelings of wellbeing, reduces symptoms of stress, and enhances one’s self-esteem. Breathe in the fresh and rich oxygen given off by the pine, oak, and other trees on our property. This is the beginning of a new life.

Cypress Lakes Lodge believes that a total synthesis of mind, body, and spirit is necessary for learning the required skills as well as achieving a level of required wellness in order to recover. We help clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their bodies, and the world around them. With the right tools and a healthy mindset, recovery will always be possible.

Research has also shown that being in or near water is equally as healing as the greenery of nature. Within our vast 200 acres sits a stunning and serene 18-acre lake. Water is healing, calming, and a vital necessity. Cypress Lakes Lodge promotes the healing of mind, body, and spirit through treatment methods designed to not just improve or repair life, but enrich it entirely.

The hybrid and integrative approach we take on treating addiction and encouraging recovery is applied to all of our levels of care. While we are not currently offering detox services, we have working relationships with local detox centers and can make a referral. Cypress Lakes Lodge proudly offers intervention services, residential inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare services. We are looking forward to serving you, a loved one in your life, and your family.

We welcome families to explore our grounds during family intensive programming including our regular activities of canoeing, and yoga on the lake. Our program utilizes holistic treatment methods in addition to evidence based therapeutic methods including outdoor therapy activities. Cypress Lakes Lodge is more than a treatment center-it is a unique experience and way to start a lifetime of recovery.

We are proud to be fully open and welcoming admissions and inquiries. For more information on our integrative programs for treatment and recovery, call us today.

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