Nutritional Education

When your body feels achy and weighed down by unhealthy substances, eating poorly doesn’t seem all that much worse. But what if you knew that feeding your body the right things can help dramatically change the way you feel and behave. At Cypress Lake Recovery we believe in engaging the mind, body and spirit through comprehensive wellness treatment; engaging in these three aspects is essential to successful recovery. We start with detox to remove harmful and mind-altering chemicals from the brain and body. As the mind clears, we are forced to see the damage these substances have done. Our body is a sanctuary, and we must treat it well since it’s the only one one we will have in this life. No matter what your spiritual background is, the same linear thread runs through them all in this idea that the body is sacred.

Food fuels the body and is one of the primary sources of energy we take in. Other sources of energy come from external things like sunlight and social interactions such as love and happiness. The positive energy sources allow us to laugh and love, to exercise and smile. We learn to be compassionate as positive energy surrounds us. When we eat unhealthy foods that are packed with empty calories, we get sick, tired and sad. Studies are supporting the idea that certain foods exacerbate anxiety and stress; if we eliminate those foods from our diet, we can reduce stress symptoms and possibly increase our energy levels throughout the day. Nutrition can also change the way the addictive mind functions and we work in these disciplines with nutrition education and planning.

Learn Discipline

Addiction teaches us to be out of control. We consume what we like, without portion control or care as to what too much or too little is regarding both addictive substances and nutritional meals. Alcohol is one of these substances that has a lot of calories in it, so many calories in fact, that people often consume more alcohol than nutritional calories. Learning how to stick to a healthy diet can change the way we think about recovery and is the basis of discipline we create for ourselves.

Our nutritionists will create a nutrition plan that dictates portions, calories and specific foods based on each patient’s needs. We create these wellness plans based on the addiction and mental health conditions they may have, at the same time a dual diagnosis is provided. Our personal chef will make these meals daily (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to maintain consistency and teach patients portion sizes. These planned meals will fuel our patients in everything they participate in at Cypress Lake Recovery.

Listen to Your Body and Feel the Benefits of Recovery

The moment we start eating well, we notice the changes that happen inside our bodies. Many patients see decreased levels in joint pain, stress, anxiety, and depression after switching to healthier foods. Numbing drugs and alcohol may have previously suppressed appetites, disrupted sleep and created blood pressure issues, but a body moving through detox will feel the positive changes as well. Your body can start healing and all the damage done to your tissues and systems can slowly begin repairing.

Listening to our bodies and how they respond to anything we do, whether it’s the things we eat or how our days are spent, has an impact on what we do to feel better. Previously to feel better the addiction would take over, but healthy nutrition will redirect those physical and mental needs. Addiction is emotional and physical, so to pay attention to what the body needs we are connected in mind–mindfulness is cultivated here. The physical connection to nutrition will guide us to crave the things that nourish our bodies as we begin sleeping better, reducing our stress, managing anxiety and finding the energy to get up and move. Activity can strengthen the quality of life by allowing natural beneficial modifications to change our thinking and emotional reactions to the wonders of life without dependency.

Nutritional Education and Balanced Nutrition Program

Every patient is given a meal plan and set of nutritional options they can carry into their active recovery after treatment at Cypress Lake Recovery. While these plans are being created, and they are modified to suit you better, we educate our patients on the health benefits of each food and their components. Healthy nutritional education can make us aware of the things we put into our bodies and possibly change the way we think about alcohol and drugs.

Most people don’t eat well because they don’t know how to cook properly or what they should be eating instead of ready made and fast food meals. We educate our patients how to start making healthy and quick meals that fuel their bodies well. There are vitamins and essential nutrients packed into each meal that we create for our patients, and we teach them how they can create balanced nutrition plans at home with their families as well. Balanced nutrition is understanding what your daily intake of calories is, down to the specifically portioned content of these meals as they support your lifestyle and activities you perform every day.

Call Cypress Lake Recovery and learn how to create healthy meals to support your new and balanced lifestyle and live free of drugs and alcohol today at 409-407-5463.