Before making a decision on the best addiction recovery program, the focus and expertise of the facility and the staff are of the utmost importance. At Cypress Lakes Lodge, our clinicians, counselors, and staff are all an integral part of our addiction recovery programs as they each play an active role in the success of our clients and their treatment.

Our addiction therapies are applied holistically to treat the mind, body and spirit. Every treatment we offer is evidence based and supplementary to the addiction conditions we treat. Our expertise is backed by years of experience in the field with proven success that the holistic approach we take to therapy is effective and sustainable. We treat clients in ways that allows them to practice these techniques to remain sober, accountable, and ready to embrace recovery and a healthy lifestyle.

We treat:

To learn more about the specific mental health conditions and addictions we treat, please click through their respective pages or call Cypress Lakes Lodge at 409-331-2204.

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