Post-Treatment Monitoring Program

Recovery takes diligence and persistence to maintain after any residential program concludes. At Cypress Lake Recovery we understand that recovery is a choice, and it is up to the patient whether or not they continue to utilize all the tools we provide them with in active recovery during their time with us. Every life skill and relapse prevention tip we provide are unique to each patient, and there is a careful process we go through that includes counselor and physician recommendations. Sometimes we have patients that require additional care and monitoring after their recovery program to help them transition easily into their newly sober living lifestyle.

Additional Support and Monitoring

We have designed a post-treatment monitoring program that will allow patients the added sense of comfort and support during this challenging time. This program helps monitor patients’ progress and activity living outside of Cypress Lake Recovery that have recently transitioned out of their residential recovery, no matter what program they have gone through previously. Within the post-treatment monitoring program we offer our patients additional counseling support and therapy to help them work through any pressing social issues and transition conundrums, they are c with daily outside our walls.

Treatment Agreement and Requirements

Transitioning into a sober living lifestyle requires changes to be made by you and those around you that love and care for you. Cypress Lake Recovery assists not just the patient, but their families as well since there may be new concerns they have when working with a newly sober family member. 12-step group meetings are required on a weekly basis as agreed to by every patient in our signed treatment agreement. Before we begin this post-treatment monitoring program, we create a treatment plan that the patient agrees to maintain just, so each patient is prepared for what’s to come.

We know that this time after any recovery program is hard because many external factors weren’t present during the time of isolated recovery. Counseling and treatment will introduce these potential situations, and talk therapy is performed to address external stresses at work, with family members and any internal conflicts that could present themselves. Every patient is required to acquire an AA or NA sponsor at this time so they can sign and confirm the patient’s participation in these 12-step meetings.

Attending 12-step meetings and remaining active in post-treatment recovery services is key to staying on track. Random drug testing happens in a rotation of all patients enrolled in our post-treatment monitoring program. Any communication of these results must be approved at the start of the program by the patient, such as lawyers, family members, parole officers, or medical professionals. Every step of this process is revealed before we begin and we assure our patients that these custom post-monitoring plans will help them in achieving their goals to remain sober and healthy. The team at Cypress Lake Recovery wants every patient to succeed in their recovery, and we work with you to create a plan for your best life.