Treatment Modalities

Substance Abuse Treatment Modalities

Substance abuse and addictive behaviors are addressed through a full network of integrative treatments which cater to each patient. We believe to be successful in recovery our treatments need to be tailored to the unique personality and spirit of our patients, which is why no treatment plan will be the same. In our approach to addiction treatment, we treat not just the addiction itself but all factors surrounding the addiction, including co-occurring disorders.

Cypress Lake Recovery is grounded in holistic addiction therapy that tends to the trinity of all-encompassing therapy-the mind, body, and the soul. Therapy is meant to be circular and multi-faceted so that we condition the mind to accept treatment and alter the position of addiction as the central focus. We condition the mind to be centered around wellness, healthy responsibility, and intimate relationships; the body is taught to provide action and become the vessel for recovery, followed by the spirit that ultimately frees us from the need for substances.

Our Treatment Options

We Treat:

Most treatment programs begin with medical detox to free the mind from the influence of addictive substances in a safe environment. Only after we have removed these substances from the body can we treat the mind and nourish the body to unlock the spirit’s full potential. Each patient will then go through a series of counseling sessions after being paired with their respective counselor to discuss treatment options best suited for them. We provide patients with several integrative therapies to help them achieve their full potential. Our medical and addiction teams are experts at treating: