Caring about someone who is struggling with addiction is an emotional burden. You may have a desire to help them get better, but you can’t control their decisions or actions. You may tell yourself you want them to be safe, but if you keep helping them get out of trouble then they’ll always have an excuse to drink or get high. You want to support them, but if you lend an ear they might come to you with troubles you aren’t ready to handle. Every time they give in to their cravings, you feel stuck between offering consolation and telling them that you’ve had enough. If you don’t keep forgiving them, where will they go? You worry that a recovery treatment center won’t understand what your loved one needs; after all, these centers see hundreds of patients, and who knows your spouse, child or friend better than you?

How Can Cypress Lakes Lodge Help?

You have reached this page because you know that your loved one needs professional help. If you are hesitating to reach out, we want to put your worries to rest and help you feel secure and confident in your decision to call us. Cypress Lakes Lodge offers modern, individualized recovery treatment that goes beyond treating the symptoms of addiction. Our holistic approach addresses the underlying mental and physical causes and effects of substance abuse, giving our clients a chance at complete and lasting recovery. What’s more, we are not a cookie-cutter treatment center; we don’t get our patients clean as quickly as possible and send them on their way. We work closely and carefully with everyone involved — both the individual struggling with addiction and their loved ones — not only to ensure that our patients’ treatment with us is tailored to their unique needs, but also to ensure that they have all the tools, skills and resources they need to succeed in sober life after their time here is complete. 

We offer multiple levels of care to meet our clients wherever they are on their path to recovery, including:

  • Medically-monitored detox to help our patients get through withdrawal safely and comfortably
  • Carefully crafted residential treatment that prioritizes individual dignity, empowerment and healing
  • Flexible outpatient programs that provide top-quality services with a less intensive schedule
  • Ongoing aftercare services to ease and strengthen our patients’ transitions into independent life

We also offer a specialized family program that includes group family therapy for the loved ones of our patients. We want to keep you involved in their care so you can follow them through treatment and prepare for a more productive lifestyle when they are ready to leave our programs.

Who We Treat

Cypress Lakes Lodge has both adult and young adult treatment tracks, and we welcome male and female clients across all programs. We are a community of open-minded, recovery-focused people and our doors are open to clients from all walks of life. We know that addiction impacts individuals equally regardless of socioeconomic background, race, gender or religion, and we believe that everyone likewise equally deserves a chance at recovery.

Our programs also include specialized treatment for those with a dual diagnosis of a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. Addiction often occurs alongside concerns like depression or anxiety, and we know that treating the whole person gives them a stronger foundation for long-term recovery. Our licensed counselors have mental health experience and are trained to guide clients through dual diagnosis programming and counseling sessions.

What We Treat

Cypress Lakes Lodge is equipped to treat addiction to a variety of substances, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription drugs (including painkillers, stimulants, and tranquilizers)
  • Cocaine (including crack cocaine)
  • DXM
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Meth
  • Fentanyl 

In conjunction with substance abuse, our dual diagnosis program offers treatment for mental health disorders and process addictions including: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Gambling addiction
  • Sex addiction 

If you do not see the particular concerns of your loved one listed here, reach out to us to find out if we can help. We can also connect you with other recovery centers or resources that offer the right kind of treatment if we are not a good fit for your needs.

Contact Us Today

Your loved one needs help for their addiction, and Cypress Lakes Lodge is here to provide it. Our high-quality addiction recovery programs are based out of our beautiful facility in Woodville, Texas. We are accredited by the Joint Commision and held to the highest standards of excellence in addiction treatment. If you or your loved one is ready to begin their recovery in a peaceful, nurturing environment among a community of people focused on health and healing, our programs might be the right fit. There is no better time to reach out for help — start the admissions process today by contacting our team at 409-331-2204.’

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