Detoxification is both physically and mentally challenging. However, it is also rewarding for people who complete it. Detox is the first step toward sobriety and is the start of the addiction treatment process. After completing this treatment, there is ongoing therapy. Using several evidence-based approaches, therapists teach you how to live without substances and achieve your new goals.


What Is Detox?


Detox involves cleansing your body by removing harmful substances. In addiction treatment, it is the process of removing drugs or alcohol. If you are trying to overcome addiction, this treatment is necessary to help resist powerful cravings. Medical detoxification is an organized program that includes medical oversight and medications. Also, you receive the emotional support and encouragement you need to get through the process.


Medical Versus Home Detox


While some people choose to detox at home, it is strongly discouraged. It can be ineffective or even deadly. The brain produces strong cravings for substances since they create feelings of pleasure or relieve discomfort. When people detox at home, they often give in to those cravings and relapse. People often experience pain, shaking, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, or other unpleasant effects from withdrawal. Delirium, seizures, or other more severe effects are also possible and are dangerous without professional supervision. In addition to supervision, medically assisted detox includes medications to ease some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.


How Long Does Medically Assisted Detox Take?


The length of a program depends on several factors. Professionals consider your medical needs and history. Also, the type of substance you use can affect how long it takes. For instance, it may take a couple of weeks or longer for benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms to improve. However, alcohol withdrawal symptoms may improve during the first week. Instead of focusing on the length of your medical detoxification program, professionals prioritize relapse prevention. They teach you coping strategies and how to manage triggers.


What Are the Benefits?


The main advantage of medical drug detox programs is that they are safer than staying at home. These are the top benefits of medical supervision during detox:


  • The process is more comfortable with medications to counteract some side effects.
  • Facilities provide meals, cleaning, and other services to let you focus on resting.
  • Since these facilities are drug-free, the risk of relapse during withdrawal is eliminated.
  • There is guidance and support to help you learn how to stay sober.
  • You receive customized care for your physical and mental health needs.
  • If you experience a serious problem during withdrawal, medical professionals are on staff 24/7 to respond immediately.

Addiction Detox: The First Step Toward a Better Future


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration developed a recovery concept with four dimensions. They are:


  • Community
  • Health
  • Home
  • Purpose


Community includes the people in your life who provide positive support. Also, you learn how to be a positive supporter of others. The dimension of health involves mental, physical, and spiritual health. Depending on your specific needs, it may involve diet, exercise, therapy, and more.


The home dimension is essential since your environment can impact sobriety. You may need to find new living arrangements if you are homeless, have an unsupportive family, or stay with substance users. You will learn about other options and resources during treatment. Purpose is also a critical dimension. Every person needs fulfillment. In therapy, you learn to set goals to ensure you wake up with a daily purpose. Combining all these dimensions helps you learn how to live without substances. Also, therapy teaches you valuable strategies for developing healthy responses to many situations or events.


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