Ever since we were young kids, we were told that reading books is important for our educational development. In school, we were required to read several different novels to learn about the “classics” and significant historical events. Many children had a bad taste towards required reading, but once an adult, reading became a soothing and therapeutic routine.

If you’re a recovering addict, there are some major benefits to creating a healthy reading habit. Here are some reasons why reading is important in the addiction recovery process.

Your Mental Health Gets Better

Reading a novel can stimulate our brains causing us to engage in a well-written story, whether that would be fiction or non-fiction. When you pick up a good book, you’ll know right away because you probably won’t be able to put it down. This can be very rewarding for our mental health. It helps us to focus and retain information quickly while learning about something we hadn’t previously known.

Provides Different World-Perspectives

As a person who is going through the addiction recovery process, we may only see the world with our own eyes. Through our struggles, addiction can act as blinders to reality or other points of view. When reading a good novel or story, we can understand the point of view from someone else. Who knows? We may have a change of heart or thought on a specific subject after finishing a book.

Philosophy and Self-Help Books

Other than the typical non-fiction or fiction novels, there are plenty of philosophical and self-help books out in the world. Self-help books have become very popular over the past several years. Not all of these books are worthwhile, but some may give you some good insight and advice into your everyday life, especially post-addiction recovery.

How to Create a Healthy Reading Habit

It’s not necessary for you to sit down and read for hours at a time. Creating a heathy reading habit can help you create a routine in your daily life. Spend 30 minutes each morning reading, whether that would be a newspaper, novel, or short story. It’s also beneficial to end your long day of work or school with an hour or two of reading a novel before you lay down for bed.

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