If you are concerned about a friend’s addiction, you might find it difficult to approach them about the issue. When you are concerned about a loved one’s addiction, that person may not think they have a problem. It can be hard to address the issue because you may be worried about your loved one’s reaction. Saying something may make the problem worse or hurt your relationship. That is the common reason why people choose to say nothing, but saying something can save a life.

When you have a loved one who shows signs of substance abuse, it is imperative that you say something right away. Just starting a conversation might be what your loved one needs to encourage treatment. He or she may not realize it at the time, but they need to hear what you have to say. Usually people who struggle with addiction are in denial of their substance abuse.

Listen to your loved one and offer support and encouragement through communication, which might help your loved one feel less alone. This will help him or her acknowledge they have a problem. There are ways to approach your loved one in a loving and supportive way.

A Suggested Approach

When talking to your loved one, have a non-accusational, non-judgmental conversation. Focus on your own observations and talk about your concerns when he or she is sober. Here are some suggestions:

  • I noticed you have been acting differently. You do not seem yourself and I am worried about you.
  • I am worried about you. State specific behaviors you observe.
  • I notice you have been drinking a lot recently and am wondering how you are doing.

How to Get Help

  • Offer support and help to get them into treatment. Offer to go with them if that is what they need.
  • Encourage your loved one to get help from a professional to talk about his or her struggle with alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Give him or her some resources for substance abuse treatment and discuss sober support groups.
  • Educate yourself about addiction. Learn about your loved one’s addiction so you can understand your role as a friend or family member throughout the recovery process.

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