Learning an instrument is a rigorous hobby that yields great rewards. Though there are many other hobbies that go hand in hand with recovery and a sober life, learning an instrument has a combination of benefits across the mind, body, and spirit. Along with group therapies and one-on-one therapy sessions, Cypress Lake Recovery incorporates holistic treatments that include art & music therapy, writing therapy, outdoor therapy, and more.

One thing to take note of is that learning an instrument does not require you to sign up for music lessons with a professional instructor. There are plenty of resources for you to learn on your own. One of the biggest benefits of learning an instrument with using online resources and videos is that you’re disciplining yourself to figuring a skill out. Now, this doesn’t mean you should tackle it all alone. It’s recommended to get tips and tricks from other musicians or friends who know how to play that specific instrument.

Pleasure Association

Music can turn a bad mood into a good one and getting the opportunity to learn how to do that by your own hands is something that is truly special. On a chemical level, it releases dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure. By learning and gaining dopamine from music and instruments, it allows the brain to no longer associate pleasure with non-sober activities.

Tangible Achievements

It takes dedication to learn a new instrument- it also shows initiative, drive, and responsibility. It feels good to be able to experience your progress day by day. By learning and practicing each day, it reinforces that we are all capable of change, and getting to see your progress is incredibly motivating.

Stress Relief

Stress impacts all of us, and it is imperative to have healthy ways of relieving it. Learning an instrument allows you to focus in on something specific and occupy your body and mind. As you learn, playing songs or even writing them can also relieve stress, as well as boost your confidence.


Above all, perhaps one of the largest benefits of learning an instrument in recovery is self-compassion. At a point in your former life, you may have had a voice in your head that was overly critical of you. Learning an instrument and learning that it’s not about being perfect from day one, but rather watching your skill develop and grow, helps to prove that voice wrong.

At Cypress Lake Recovery, we approach your journey with enrichment, wellness, and sustainability in mind. We provide healing through our therapeutic and holistic treatments and give you the tools to sustain a healthy sober life. Please, call us at 409-331-2204 for more information, or to begin your journey today with the addiction recovery process.