In early recovery, it is best to be around people often. Group therapy and support is extremely crucial for the addiction recovery process and living a sober life. However, without learning to spend time alone, other people can become a crutch. To build confidence in recovery, it is essential to develop a healthy relationship with one’s self in order to not get stuck in your own head. Learning this can be different for each individual because everyone has their own personality, but it’s still necessary for anyone going through addiction recovery to do. 

Being Around Others Requires More Energy

Being around others doesn’t mean there is always an exchange of giving and receiving. Oftentimes, there is a lack of balance. Even in a most perfectly balanced and healthy relationship, a different use of energy in being around others is exhausting. Alone time is the necessary and vital opportunity to restore and reboot. Self-care is often talked about in recovery as the time one takes to nourish their mind, body, and spirit in a way that works best for them.

Being Left To Thoughts Isn’t Terrible

Spending time alone is frightening to many people due to the prospect of being left to one’s own thoughts and devices. Through the work of integrative therapy and learning to balance mind, body, and spirit, spending time with oneself becomes less challenging. In fact, it starts to become enjoyable. Having time to think and address one’s thoughts in solitude is the foundation of meditation. Contemplation is the practice of sitting and spending time thinking, without judgment or attachment.

Self-Reliance, Higher Power Reliance, Not People Reliance

Creating a support network of friends, family members, peers in recovery, and trusted professionals, is important for recovery. Problematically, many get confused in thinking that is the only way to maintain recovery. On the contrary, learning how to be self-reliant is important. Time alone is a way to practice relying on oneself to provide support in a reliable manner. Additionally, it is a time to connect to one’s higher power. Recovery is a spiritual journey. Building a relationship with a higher power is an important part of many people’s spiritual journey. People are human and inevitably fallible. A higher power is an unending source of unconditional love and support.

Spending Time With Others Is Special

When time becomes unbalanced, one has a tendency to become restless, irritable, and discontent. Shocking at first, most learn that only spending time with other people can make that time less special. Taking enough time to spend alone helps create more meaning for times spent with others. Rather than grow tired and resentful, alone time encourages healthy detachment and gratitude.

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