The focus is on physical sobriety typically in recovery but emotional sobriety is just as important. The reasons a person began using drugs or alcohol in the first place must be assessed if a person hopes to recover fully. As the body adjusts to life without drugs or alcohol, the person can slowly concentrate on healing emotions essential to recovery.

What is Emotional Sobriety

Emotional sobriety is the ability to regulate one’s emotions and mood. This comes alongside being able to deal with strong feelings without resorting to addictive, impulsive or destructive behaviors. Without emotional sobriety, it is difficult (not impossible) to maintain overall sobriety. People who are physically sober but not emotionally sober are often referred to as ‘dry drunks,’ who may not drink or use drugs but still exhibit destructive behaviors and cannot control emotions in a healthy way. Physical sobriety is concrete and tangible so it is easy to get one’s mind around it but emotional sobriety takes some additional work.

How to Get There

Many different avenues exist to improve emotional sobriety. Many people with addiction including those with alcohol addiction receive help from 12-step or non-12-step programs and fellowship groups. This helps create a support network of people who understand what is going on. Therapeutic support with mental health professionals or addiction professionals can also foster emotional sobriety. Try the following tactics for more emotional stability:

  • Meditation and deep breathing which can lower adrenaline and help control the physical response to strong emotions
  • Support network of people who can be uplifting physically and emotionally while providing space to feel accepted and safe
  • Staying grounded as emotions go up and down; learning how to navigate them while being humble
  • Mindfulness practice of being present here and now; letting go of what is out of one’s own control
  • Spirituality allows a person to maintain emotional sobriety by reminding the individual  there is a focus on things greater than oneself

Sobriety is much more than just one or two things. If a person can tackle emotional and physical sobriety one step at a time, that is the best way to move forward with a healthy recovery plan.

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