Addiction Changes Your Life Negatively

Addiction causes a person to continue his or her self-destructive behavior even though it brings harmful consequences. The brain changes chemically and physiologically when a person has an addiction. The individual becomes physically dependent on drugs or alcohol and experiences painful withdrawals when not using or consuming them.

A person must completely change his or her lifestyle for recovery after treatment. The brain needs time to learn how to function without substances controlling the body. Everything associated with the person’s drug or alcohol use must change. This includes anything or anyone who is associated with the person’s substance abuse.

Old friends who used drugs or consumed alcohol with a person before recovery can unintentionally influence or trigger a relapse. An individual in recovery should avoid situations that put him or her at high risk. Attending group meetings will allow a person to develop new sober friendships. If the person in recovery feels the urge to use drugs or take a drink, he or she can call on a sober friend who can talk them through those feelings.

Why Addiction Treatment is Necessary for Change

While in recovery, more time will be available to focus on healthy activities. When a person is not actively focusing on healthy activities, he or she could have thoughts about using drugs or alcohol. Staying active and engaged with new interests will lower the risk of relapse.

Adjusting to a new life after treatment takes a lot of hard work and time. Recovery is a lifelong process. Keeping a journal will allow an individual to reflect on his or her progress and can remind them of how far they have come in recovery. He or she should develop new routines to replace old habits and avoid triggers by starting new sober friendships and seeking healthy activities to live substance-free.

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