Exercise is not everyone’s cup of tea and it may be the last thing a person wants to think about. However, physical exercise is not just about losing weight, it is also part of feeling better, feeling grounded and improving physical and mental health. Confidence goes way up when people feel better and it is worth understanding how exercise has the power to heal, especially for individuals who struggle with addiction.

A Natural High

Exercise provides a natural high rather than an artificial one. When a person with addiction is trying to recover, the body and mind crave endorphins which can lead to the high a person is used to. Sweating releases the same endorphins, along with endocannabinoids and the biochemical cocktail can make it easier to cope with daily life. In addition, working out can mitigate the negative effects of giving up substances which includes sleep troubles, anxiety and depression and weight gain. Simply improving health and well-being can provide regular exercise that builds the body back up while releasing negative, toxic emotions.

Exercise Fills Time

A person who is bored in recovery is more likely to relapse than one who is engaged with others and practicing good self care. When a person prioritizes physical activity it helps everyone. Regular workouts also force a person to focus on what matters and to live in the present. Stressful thoughts can keep a person from finding peace in recovery while exercise helps relieve stress.

Sound Sleep

Sleep deficits during addiction recovery are common due to ongoing stress and changes in the body’s hormones and circadian rhythms. As the body returns to a healthier state of being, exercise helps restore a normal sleep cycle and promotes healing.

Healing of Body and Mind

Physical activity can ward off heart disease, diabetes, cancer and boost immunity. Not only that, but it promotes healthy brain function, which promotes healing for those who struggle with addiction.


Working out is a great outlet to respond to negative things in a person’s life including stress, anger, frustration and ongoing relationship challenges. When life happens, it is best to turn towards a positive habit like exercise to get the toxins out and prevent relapse from occurring.

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