Addiction treatment centers revolve around rehab, but that is not all they do to help a person. Of course, the number one priority when someone comes to us for addiction treatment, the mission is sobriety. However, during the addiction treatment process, there are many things that are manifested. Life skills, cognitive thinking, and educational programming are some of the things that are discovered, learned, and maintained in order for a person to live a better life outside of rehab.

Cognitive Thinking Associated with Addiction

Everyone has a rough week, but when addiction plays a role in the result of our problems in our life, it can be a life changing issue. Cognitive thoughts can help to dig deep down into your process of how you handle your problems.

Problem Solving

When a person that has been dealing with addiction is approached with a difficult situation or problem, the first thing to do for solving the problem is to turn to the addiction itself. In rehab and therapy, critical thinking comes into play in these situations. A person has to take a step back and solve the problem with an alternative solution. This is what addiction therapy strives to do.

Equine Therapy is a great example that deals with problem solving and cognitive thinking. Cypress Lake Recovery implements this type of therapy involving horses because it provides a dose of cognitive thinking, problem solving, and relationship skills.

Handling Stress & Anxiety

Equine Therapy is a really good tool for managing self-awareness, stress, and anxiety. Since a horse will react to your emotions or behavior, these exercises are used to take a step back and learn how to handle certain situations and emotions in the moment.

Life Skills that Come out of Addiction Treatment

Since the main priority of addiction treatment and therapy is to curb addiction and live a healthier life, life skills come into play. The life skills someone picks up and applies to life after rehab is extremely crucial. Problem solving and critical thinking are very important when handling life situations that are thrown at you.

Here are some life skills you’ll learn and take with you:

  • Time Management
  • Planning/Scheduling
  • Problem Solving & Cognitive Thinking
  • Identifying Triggers
  • Self-Awareness

Why is Cognitive Thinking so Important?

Cognitive thinking is the mental process of understanding, recognizing, judging, and problem solving. Everyone can learn from this even without an addiction, but for someone dealing with addiction and seeking sobriety, cognitive thinking is vital for living a heathy life. It’s important because it helps you understand your thoughts, solve certain problems, and handle situations with a healthier outlook when you’re going about your daily life.

Cypress Lake Recovery is an Addiction Treatment Center Looking to Improve People’s Lives

At Cypress Lake Recovery, our treatment center for addiction encompasses a wide variety of therapies, treatment, and activities to allow people dealing with addiction to curb it and gain knowledge, life skills, and a different outlook on their lives. Our therapies, especially creative therapies are meant to support traditional group and individual therapies. The life skills and improvements one can get from our center are ones we take pride in.

If you or a loved one is dealing with addiction and is in need of some help, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Cypress Lake Recovery at 409-331-2204 today or visit us online for more information!