There’s something beautiful and magical about music. Almost everyone in the world has their own music taste, and they cling to different sounds and artists. It’s a universally sound entity that brings almost everyone together no matter the circumstance. What really is incredible about music and art for that matter is that it can help aid in someone’s recovery and therapy in substance abuse and addiction.

Creative Therapies Can Ease the Mind

Recovery and rehab can be stressful for almost everyone dealing with addiction. It sometimes feels like the last resort, but in reality, it’s the best medicine you can prescribe yourself. Therapy and treatment across the world have helped many people curb their addiction and restore their healthy life. Music and Art therapy has become a very popular treatment in centers everywhere.

Why is this?

The exploration of creativity for someone can bring their focus to something new and something exciting. Since art and music drive emotional creativity, a person’s mind that once was emotionless will now be full of emotion. Music and art is an expression of emotion, so when listening to a song or studying a piece of art, the viewer can create their own story compared to the one that is being told. They can also relate to the story being told in many instances.

The Benefits of Art Therapy

  • Bring Out Emotions onto Paper/Canvas
  • An Outlet of Expression
  • Ease Trauma and Addiction
  • Improve Personal Development
  • Bring Your Focus to Something New

 The Benefits of Music Therapy

  • Increase Responsibility
  • Relieve Stress and Create Sense of Achievement
  • Relieve Depression
  • Can Help You Hear and Understand

Art & Music Therapy with Cypress Lake Recovery

At Cypress Lake Recovery, we’re dedicated to helping people recover from their addictions. We incorporate art and music therapy in our treatment because we believe that it serves the purpose of easing people into addiction treatment. It’s encouraged to start nonverbal and creative outlets to start therapy because it prevents emotional blocks and social awkwardness. We understand that going to therapy and treatment for addiction can be stressful and sometimes embarrassing. We’re here to eliminate those feelings.

How It Works:

Learning to use our hands and create things can give us an idea of what we can and cannot do. This relates to the internal conflict within us dealing with addiction or substance abuse. If you allow yourself to create art, then we can help you deal with what you’re struggling with. We’re here to work as a team, which means you’re not on your own, ever.

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Stress, anxiety, and even depression can lead to substance abuse and addiction. Music and art therapy can help relieve stress and anxiety giving you’re a clearer mind to focus on your struggles. It’s a meditational outlet that stimulates the mind. Even taking the time to learn an instrument or start drawing can give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction. When you accomplish these things, they’re steps in helping you curb an addiction that wasn’t allowing you to accomplish things that you desired to.

Come stay with us here at Cypress Lake Recovery!

If you’re someone who has been struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, or you know someone who is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our experienced and professional staff is dedicated to helping those dealing with addiction to curb their addiction and live a healthy life. Our holistic treatment and therapy have helped many people recover from addiction. We take the necessary steps to understand your struggles because we know everyone is different.

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