It was Mental Illness Awareness week last week, which means we were acknowledging all of those who have been dealing with mental illnesses of all kinds. What some people don’t realize is that drug addiction and mental illness have a close relationship with each other. Some dealing with mental illnesses could turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the pain. This is very common, which means it’s not just about one week we should be paying attention to. We should be putting forth all of our efforts to help those dealing with mental illnesses.

We want everyone to be aware of mental illnesses, and make sure that we share our problems and seek help. Whether you are dealing with physical or mental pain, drugs and alcohol can sometimes be an easy way to cope, but it is not the healthy way.

How to Deal with Mental Illness and the State of Your Mental Health

Mental Illness can be devastating to anyone who is dealing with it, but it also can be defined as many things. Mental Illness can consist of anxiety, Bipolar disorders, psychosis, eating disorders, depression, and PTSD. Whatever you are struggling with, know that there is always help you can get.

If you’re dealing with any type of mental illness, we encourage you to engage in your self-care by reaching out to professionals, family members, and friends. Keeping your mind occupied with fulfilling activities is very important to your mental health as well. Taking a break from your daily life can also improve your mental health.

Mental Illness Leads to Drug Addiction in Some Cases

When people fall victim to drug abuse and addiction, it can take a major toll on their mental health. If you already have pain in your life, drugs and alcohol seem like an easy way to deal with the pain, but this pain reliever doesn’t last long whatsoever. It is more detrimental to your physical and mental health than the pain itself.

Mental illnesses come in all different sizes, so it’s important to recognize these as a mental health problem that we have to take care of. When someone is dealing with mental illness, for them, it’s very easy to feel trapped and at a standstill. Sometimes the only thing people will turn to is drug abuse. It’s a temporary escape that can lead to much worse problems. The combination is never something you want to happen, but sometimes if it does, we need to be a big help in order for them to get life back on track.

How Can We Recognize Someone Dealing with Mental Health Issues?

There are plenty of people who are dealing with mental illness that we don’t necessarily know about. Sometimes people put on a smile to mask their mental health issues in their life. This isn’t a great thing because your friends and family may not catch on to what’s going on. As a person who is close to someone going through these issues, it’s always crucial to be a major part of their life. By that, we mean it’s good to keep in touch, hang out with them, get them involved, talk to them, and especially listen to them. Open up their heart to you, so that if there is a mental illness they’re struggling with, they can share that with you.

Cypress Lake Recovery

The major question to think about is “where can I get help or where can I get help for someone?” At Cypress Lake Recovery, we are dedicated and committed to helping those dealing with drug or alcohol addictions. We understand the scope of mental illness, and we have the knowledge and expertise to support you or your loved one through rehab and therapy. Our place in Texas is meant for everyone has dealt with mental illness and turned to drugs curb their addictions and got their life back. Through holistic therapy treatment, we can be there in your time of need.

Contact Cypress Lake Recovery at 409-331-2204 today or visit us online if you or someone you know has been dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction.