As college students head back to campus, and some still schooling from their homes, we have to be aware of the dangers of addiction in college and on college campuses. College is a time for students to really find who they truly are in their studies and majors, as well as their social life. Everyone should probably already know that college is filled with parties and social gatherings including drinking, but there are dangers as well.

Addiction can start in college at a young age, whether it be drugs or alcohol. If you’re a college student entering your first year or returning, be aware of the dangers of addiction.


Why College Students Struggle with Addiction

There are plenty of factors to drugs and alcohol addiction with college students attending school. For one, their parents aren’t there to keep an eye on them, and they’re experiencing a whole new social life at a different level. Maybe you want to fit in and party with others, so you decide to have a little fun with drugs and alcohol.

Another reason is stress. There are plenty of college students working tirelessly with difficult courses and studies. You may have a rough schedule, so you turn to drugs and alcohol to relieve the stress of your studies.

Adderall can be a major drug in college because of the effects it has on people studying. The problem is that this drug is prescribed by doctors for people dealing with ADHD. It can be very addictive if used recreationally or for studies for focus. It can also find its way into parties and mixing it with other drugs or alcohol is a recipe for disaster.

College Attendance During a Pandemic

This year is a little tricky because many students aren’t going back to their colleges. Many are studying online from home, so it may be more difficult to deal with alcohol or drug addiction. It can work the opposite way because as a college student, your college years are some of the best times in your life. Not experiencing this time can cause anxiety and depression, which could lead to abuse and addiction.

We understand that college students will experiment with drugs and alcohol. 4 out 5 college students drink when they’re in college. It’s important to realize that even if you do experiment, you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of becoming addicted. When you have issues in college with social life or your studies, it’s always good to turn to someone for help to talk it through, rather than resorting to drugs or alcohol for a quick pain reliever.

Finding Help for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

We understand how hard it can be to be young and in college. You want to have a good time while taking your schooling seriously. Drugs and alcohol are temptations that get the best of us at times. We know that this year is a little difficult when you’re not able to see your college friends or experience college at its fullest. If you have been dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, there is always help you can turn to.

At Cypress Lake Recovery, we’re dedicated to help treat many who are dealing with addiction. Our holistic therapy and treatment are meant to help you return to a healthy and promising lifestyle. Our professional staff works with care and concern for every individual. But remember, this journey is not one you take alone. With your friends and family around, don’t be ashamed to speak up about your addiction because it truly is the best decision you can make.

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