Addiction to drugs and alcohol can start from many different things. They become an escape from reality, which can include major stress, anxiety, and at times, depression. Many of us resort to it because it numbs us from the real world. All of our problems only get worse when we fall into addiction, but there is a way to be free of that stronghold.

Getting professional help can be one of the greatest decisions you make. With a professional retreat like Cypress Lake Recovery, you’ll get the best help to become sober.

The past few months have been difficult for many in recovery due to everything being closed. The struggles may have caused people to relapse whether it be because of job loss, financial issues, or any other circumstance. Getting outside has been a relief for many people. Not only stepping outside, but hiking, camping, and escaping the crowded world is a natural therapy that everyone should be doing.

Spending Time in the Wilderness is Essential for Recovery

Whether it’s camping, going on a long hike, taking a road trip with friends, or exercising, stepping away from the stresses from life can have major health benefits and sobriety advantages. Taking a step back to look at the world as a bigger picture can help with your daily struggles.

How Can Outdoor Therapy Help with Sobriety?

Here are some outdoor therapeutic activities you can try:

  • Camping – Camping is a big distraction from the real world because it allows you plan your trip, pack for your trip, organize, set up your campsite, and enjoy the wilderness. There are no distractions out at a national park or in the woods.
  • Hiking – Hiking a long distance to a mountain peak or along a wooded trail gives you a destination point. Your focus is your breathing, agility, stamina, and the destination at hand. It also gives you time to contemplate or have a bonding experience with a friend or family member.
  • Fishing – Now, fishing isn’t for everyone, but there comes a sense of peace of mind with fishing. Head down to your nearby creek or river with a fishing pole and relax with a friend. If you’ve never fished before, the distraction for you would be learning how to fish and be patient.
  • Exercise and Sports – Picking up a daily routine to hike, run, or bike will give you crucial exercise you need to stay healthy and in shape. When it comes to sports, you can easily pick up a hobby or join a sports league to meet new people, bond with friends, and not worry about daily stresses. Exercise also has tremendous mental benefits regarding anxiety and stress.

Spending Time with Loved Ones and Friends

It’s very important, especially after the country is opening to spend time with family members and friends who support you. Don’t surround yourself with the wrong crowd because you may fall back into a hole. This happens, but always remember that talking with the important people in your life will help greatly. Another great way to spend time with your close friends and family is to plan a road trip to the outdoors. Escaping the stress of life can be done by planning a camping trip to a national park. You’ll get an experience you’ve never had before, and you’ll be able to witness some of the most beautiful scenery the United States has to offer.

Cypress Lake Recovery

At Cypress Lake Recovery, we care for our residents who are trying to get sober. We utilize the outdoors in therapy because the benefits are truly great. It helps residents build a sense of gratitude for the world and their lives.

If you have been struggling with any type of addiction, or you have a family member who is struggling with addiction, we encourage you to reach out to us. Contact Cypress Lake Recovery at 409-331-2204 today, or visit us online for more information.