Marijuana abuse has been a real problem in America. The recreational drug seems harmless to most people. Some may tell you that “it’s just like alcohol, really.” In fact, it’s not, but just like any other drug, it can become a problem for many different people.

During the past few months, Americans had to struggle staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of states across the country are still on lockdown, which means many of those residents are struggling with work, relationships, financial issues, etc. Many people getting sober and living through sobriety may find this time even more stressful.

Marijuana Use Can Lead to Marijuana Abuse

Any drug can become an abuse depending on the person, as well as the dependency. Although Marijuana isn’t considered to be an addictive substance, the drug use itself can become a normality in someone’s everyday life.

  • Problems with school/work
  • Impaired ability to learn and remember things
  • Loss of interest in going places and doing things


Marijuana use has long been a confusing subject of for and against. Many don’t realize the long-term negative effects it can have on users.

How do I know if I have a marijuana abuse problem?

There are millions of new Marijuana users every year, which means that there will be millions of abusers, especially during a time when bars, restaurants, gyms, and other places have been closed for months. As we start to re-open the country, it’s important to look at how you’ve been dealing with a quarantine like this. If you find yourself using Marijuana on the daily or even more frequently, you could be subject to misuse. Becoming addicted to something can happen very quickly without even noticing it.

When you understand that Marijuana use can have a negative impact on your life, then you’ll realize that you may have a problem.

With Marijuana Misuse, There Still is Help!

Many people using Marijuana don’t realize that there is help in getting sober. When you think of getting sober, you tend to think of people using other drugs like Cocaine, Heroin, or Alcohol. Marijuana is still a drug and can have negative effects on someone just like any other drug. At Cypress Lake Recovery, we are dedicated to helping people get sober no matter what their background is. Drug abuse is a serious matter, and if you think you have a problem with Marijuana, now is the time to reach out to us.

Our staff is dedicated to our unique vision of holistic and therapeutic addiction recovery here in Texas. With our campus being such a beautiful escape to grow in sobriety, we believe in outdoor therapy as well.

Family Members and Friends

Dealing with an addiction doesn’t just evolve around the person who is struggling. Your friends and family members play a major role in your addiction recovery. They have to show support and encouragement in your life in order for you to go through sobriety with ease and comfort. If you see a family member or friend struggling with Marijuana misuse, we are here to help!

For yourself, we’re always a phone call away, and when you call us, we will start to evaluate your addiction to see if you’re in need of treatment and therapy here at Cypress Lake Recovery. Contact us at 409-331-2204 for more information on how we can help curb your addiction and get you back to a life of fulfillment.