Getting outside and exploring the wilderness can have major physical and mental health benefits. For sobriety, outdoor hiking and adventuring can actually help people deal with their addictions. Many retreat centers around the country utilize the good weather in their therapy to help people along the way to a sober life.

Cypress Lake Recovery Offers Outdoor Therapy

Texas has opened back up, which is a relief for us here at Cypress Lake Recovery. Temperatures are rising in Texas, which means it’s the perfect time to get outdoors. With us, we will be more active on our property. We are able to make use of our like by canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. Many of these outdoor activities are a big part of our therapy for our residents.

Therapy and addiction treatment is meant for people to get back to a life that’s fruitful. Our clinicians and direct care staff understand the benefits of exploring the beautiful outdoors. This is why we take our residents for experiential hikes, hold outdoor group sessions, and use our fire pit for meetings in the evening.

How do Outdoor Activities Help with Sobriety?

  •  Emotional Discovery
  • Exercise (Stay in Shape)
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Improve Your Attitude and Overall Mood
  • Sense of Accomplishment (Hiking, Biking, Running)


This is Only Temporary

With everything going on the world concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are lucky to be opening up in some parts of the country. We have to remember that everything is only temporary. Life hits you with temporary issues that you have to deal with. Addiction can be one of them and fighting through the temporary element is essential to your recovery. Your job, financial issues, and other stresses are only temporary. Going hiking and taking long walks will help you experience the beauty of the outdoors, which then in turn will to get through tough times.

This is why we believe in utilizing our outdoor land is an escape and a therapeutic atmosphere for our residents. Life after the lodge will happen, which means when you arrive at problems in your life, escaping to the outdoors to hike, fish, walk, bike, and more will be your therapy. 

Wilderness Therapy Works!

Wilderness therapy is recognized by the American Psychological Association, and is proven to improve someone’s motivation, skills, relationships, self-confidence, and emotional control. Dealing with addiction means you’ll also be dealing with the issues listed above. Here in Texas, getting outdoors is a major part of our lives, which means that we enjoy finding beauty in nature. The beauty of being outdoors that it’s naturally therapeutic.

Cypress Lake Recovery is always here to help with your addiction and treatment. Staying with us and healing with us will give you a foundation for life after the lodge.

Contact Cypress Lake Recovery at 409-331-2204 to learn more about our residential programs and how they can help you get to a life of sobriety and how wilderness therapy at the lodge will benefit your therapy.