It’s understandable what everyone is going through during lockdown and the Coronavirus Pandemic. Many people are hospitalized or staying at home. If you’re in recovery as an addict, we know it can be so difficult to keep up with staying sober. There are many ways to continue your sobriety during this time. Whether you’re working from home or not, there are distractions you can adapt to help with your recovery.

Adapting to the Climate

In the period of self-quarantine, it’s important to adapt to your climate. The challenging part is to figure out a way to obtain hobbies and a schedule to stick with. Taking it day by day is crucial to one’s recovery, whether or not we are in a quarantine. Another way to keep up with programs in recovery is to keep in touch.

There are plenty of groups out there utilizing zoom, google hangouts, and other forms of video chats to check in on people. Reading books, listening to music, cooking home meals, watching a new TV series, and more can help you get your mind off of being stuck in the house.

Exercising – This is a fantastic way to get your mind off of things. Exercising does wonders for the body and mind, especially if you’re struggling with stress and anxiety. Addiction can lead to stress and anxiety, and if you’re recovering, exercising can be a great way to get rid of daily stress. When you don’t think of exercising as a chore and you can be mindful of what you’re doing, then the exercise becomes much more than just moving. The focus on your breathing and motions can help you not focus on everything else in your life.

Riding a Bike – There are places to escape even during the quarantine. Taking a long bike ride away from neighborhoods and busy areas is encouraged.

Keeping a Routine and Schedule

Creating a productive environment will help you stay sober during the quarantine. Make a list of your daily activities, as well as a work schedule if you are currently working from home. Find creative ways when you have the free time to occupy your mind. Working on a puzzle, learning an instrument, or working on home projects will fill the down time. You won’t even realize the amount of time you are killing by picking up a good habit.

Why not educate yourself in the meantime?

Masterclass is a digital program with selective classes taught by professionals in their field. You can explore filmmaking, photography, writing, and cooking. They make it easy for you to take the class on your own schedule, so add this to your list of things to do.

Practice Social Distancing and Stay Safe

This is a major test for people in recover and people dealing with depression. We encourage you to reach out to Cypress Lake Recovery at any point in time for guidance and help along your recovery. Make sure to keep everything that you’re addicted to out of the house at all times. Make sure you cannot turn to it.

We have a 24/7 admissions line for you to contact us whenever you need to. We are willing to help you get sober and continue with your recovery in any way that we can with therapy and guidance. Contact Cypress Lake Recovery at 409-331-2204 today!