Do we know the truth about having a problem with alcohol consumption? Many people may drink a large amount of alcohol, but many also don’t know what the difference between moderation and a healthy amount. Here is what you need to know about addiction to alcohol and how to get alcohol abuse treatment.


The Wine Drinking Myth Debunked 

It’s common for people to say that having a glass or two of wine a night is a health benefit. Of course, wine can have some health benefits, but getting into a routine of drinking one to two glasses is susceptible to a more significant issue. When drinking becomes a daily activity, it can represent the progression of your consumption, thus creating health issues down the road.

Wine glasses have the potential to hold up to 8 ounces of wine, which is more than the standard drink amount. Many people like to not drink to the point of getting drunk, which helps them measure how much they drink, but it can be very inaccurate.


Alcohol Tolerance

When it comes to alcohol tolerance, people are born with a higher tolerance for alcohol than others. No matter if you have a higher tolerance, you’re still consuming the same amount of alcohol. Gaining a higher tolerance also occurs over time with regular drinking, which can result in issues including health and social problems, and even addiction.

The frightening thing about alcohol tolerance is that it will lead to dependence, which can then lead to abuse. A higher level of tolerance over time can lead to someone developing a physical dependence on alcohol. Health-related problems would eventually follow.


Alcohol Dependence

If you’re asking yourself, “Am I dependent on alcohol?”, then you should evaluate how high your tolerance to alcohol is. If you have a high tolerance, you could be dependent on alcohol.

Here are some signs of alcohol dependence:

  • Consistently planning social drinking events
  • Drinking more copious amounts for an extended period 
  • Unsuccessful cutbacks of alcohol consumption
  • High Tolerance
  • A consistent routine of drinking
  • Withdrawal symptoms


Social Drinking Can Lead to Alcohol Abuse

The joy we get out of drinking in a social atmosphere is temporary. No matter how you started drinking alcohol, the social aspect plays a vital role in continuing the pattern. Not only can it lead to a “social issue,” but it can also isolate you from attending social activities. It would be a sign of an alcohol abuse problem. Social drinking can involve happy hours, weekend parties, dinners, or even involving drinks at every social event. A pattern can develop if there is a habit of social drinking. It is a significant factor in developing a high tolerance for alcohol, which we know can lead to alcohol dependence and abuse.

Alcohol can quickly become your vice. You’ll turn to it when you’re happy, sad, stressed and anxious, or angry. Your physical and mental body will start to deteriorate after alcohol starts to take over your life. Major organs like the liver and kidneys will begin to break down due to the abuse of alcohol.


How Can My Loved One or I Get Help?

If you or a loved one is struggling with any alcohol issue, the best choice you can make is to seek out the proper treatment and help. At Cypress Lake Recovery, we offer treatment and recovery for alcohol addiction. We are a full-service treatment center for alcohol addiction and drug addiction in Houston.

We know the struggles of alcohol addiction, and our mission is to give you or your loved one the resources and holistic approach to help defeat the problem. We are here to improve and help the lives affected by alcohol abuse. Contact Cypress Lake Recovery at 409-331-2204 today!