If you try to quit drugs or alcohol on your own, you are putting yourself at risk for serious health complications. When you stop using drugs or alcohol, you can go through intense withdrawal symptoms, depending on the type of drug used, duration of use, and the severity of addiction. Some withdrawals from drugs such as heroin will cause flu-like symptoms. The uncomfortable and sometimes painful withdrawals can urge you to use again, which increases the risk of overdose or death.

The addicted brain

Drugs and alcohol change the way your brain works, physically and physiologically. The brain becomes dependent on the substances to function. When your brain is dependent on them, it needs more of the substances to make you feel comfortable. In the brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter, which is a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other nerve cells. The surge in dopamine makes you experience a high. The addicted brain needs to re-learn how to function without the control of drugs or alcohol, which can take some time.

Many people use drugs or alcohol to cope with stress or anxiety. If you suffer from an underlying mental health condition, drugs and alcohol can make the symptoms worse. These substances can increase anxiety, paranoia, psychosis, or depression. The brain relies on the drugs or alcohol to function, which makes it hard to quit.

Getting help in treatment

Addiction is complicated and affects every aspect of your life. Making the decision to stop using is a big step toward recovery. In treatment, you will learn how to cope without drugs or alcohol and connect with others who share similar struggles.

There are support groups and meetings where you can meet people who can give you advice and encourage you in treatment and throughout recovery. In treatment, you will learn how to cope with problems without using drugs or alcohol. Meeting people in support groups can lead to new, sober friendships and are people you can call on when you are faced with challenges.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, get help today. Addiction is isolating but you are not alone. At Cypress Lake Recovery Addiction Recovery Center, we offer a 2:1 client-to-staff ratio, which means you will have more access to your counselor and a closer relationship with your counselor for more personalized care. Do not wait to get help.

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