Addiction puts a person at risk for serious physical and mental health complications and can lead to brain damage, liver failure, nerve damage, heart attack, overdose, and death. Mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, or paranoia can co-occur with a substance use disorder and addiction.

Drugs and alcohol disrupts relationships with loved ones. When a person is battling with an addiction, he or she becomes less productive, unresponsive, and undependable, which can result in job loss. Addiction creates financial problems when savings and earnings are spent on getting more drugs and alcohol.

Here are some common reasons why your loved one hesitates to seek treatment:

  • Denial. It can be very difficult for your loved one to admit they have a problem with drugs or alcohol. One of the first steps to sobriety is admitting there is a problem and having a willingness to change.
  • Fear. When a person goes through treatment, a lot needs to change for a successful recovery. The lifestyle of drugs and alcohol must be changed for one that is substance-free. This is difficult to do because the brain needs to learn to function normally without the substances that were being used.
  • Withdrawals. A person goes through withdrawals when they stop using drugs or alcohol. The symptoms vary and can be extremely uncomfortable causing your loved one to use drugs or alcohol again for relief.
  • Letting go of friends. When your loved one commits to treatment, he or she needs to identify potential risks for relapse and avoid them. This includes friends or people who would drink or get high with them.
  • Stigma. There is a stigma surrounding addiction and those who suffer from it. Many people who struggle with addiction feel ashamed, guilty, and hopeless. In reality, addiction can happen to anyone regardless of social status, gender, age, and race.   

Offer support and encouragement to your loved one and help influence them to get help. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, get help today. Treatment is available and recovery is possible.

Cypress Lake Recovery specializes in addiction treatment and is located in a serene, remote, lush-green, oxygen enriched environment. The program encompasses holistic addiction therapy and offers yoga and meditation for the mind, body, and soul. The focus is on physical, mental, and emotional well-being by generating the balance of life-enriching treatment, wellness, and healthy, sober, sustainable relationships. Call us to get started: 409-331-2204