Recovery is a lifelong process. Old habits of using drugs or alcohol need to be replaced with healthy, sober ones. Eventually, you will begin to enjoy the excitement of everything in life without drugs or alcohol. When you are substance free, you will discover more about yourself such as your interests, hobbies, skills, and potential with a clear mind while your health is restored.

Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S wrote about happiness in recovery for I Love Recovery Cafe, which states, “[It’s] an internal sense of happiness that persists no matter what happens in your life. It’s there when things go well; it’s there when things don’t go well. When you have this type of happiness, your need for escape through addictive substances and behaviors essentially goes away.”

A new sober lifestyle will allow you to have fun and explore your strengths and ambitions. Recovery can be difficult, but there are ways to experience an enduring sense of happiness in the process:

  1. Be grateful for everything. Being grateful for what you have can reveal a true sense of happiness. If you are feeling depressed or anxious, write down a list of people, places, and things for which you are grateful.
  2. Stay connected to others. People who get sober and stay sober are happier when they are connected to others in the same situation. In general, people usually are happier when they feel emotionally and psychologically connected to others.  
  3. Forgive. When you forgive others, you can let go of unnecessary resentment that would otherwise interfere with your happiness in sobriety. Understand that nobody is perfect.
  4. Be kind. Grow in recovery by being kind to others. When you feel comfortable, help a newcomer in recovery who is fighting for their life. Say hello and smile.
  5. Self-acceptance. Something you will learn throughout your journey is self-acceptance. People who are not battling an addiction struggle with accepting themselves the way they are.  

Negative thoughts and stress can disrupt recovery and trigger relapse. Take back control of your life and discover true happiness. If you or a loved one is fighting addiction, do not wait to get help. Save a life and get help today.

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