Approaching a family member about his or her addictive behavior can be very difficult. The loved one whom you are worried about might not think they have a problem. It can be hard to express concern when you fear your loved one will become angry. If you say something, it could make the problem worse or hurt your relationship, but saying something can save your family member’s life.

If your loved one shows signs of being addicted, it is crucial that you talk to him or her in a supportive, loving way. Starting the conversation might encourage your family member to get help. Listen to your loved one, offer support, and reinforce encouragement. This will help him or her acknowledge they have an issue with drugs or alcohol.

There are ways to approach your loved one in a loving and supportive way. Here are some ways to approach a family member who is addicted:

  • Keep the conversation positive. Do not make an accusation or use judgmental language.
  • Focus on your own observations. Talk about your concerns when your loved one is sober.
  • Express interest in attending group meetings. You can learn more about addiction by attending group meetings. Listen to others share their experiences and learn what to expect. Going to group meetings with your family member will show him or her you care.
  • Be specific about your loved one’s behaviors and actions. Discuss your observations with your loved one and state how he or she is acting differently.

Be supportive and encourage your family member to get help. Offer to go with him or her if that is what they need. Give your loved one some information about treatment and discuss sober support groups. Educate yourself about addiction so you can understand your role as a family member in the recovery process.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, get help now. Do not wait for another day. There is no cure, but addiction is treatable and there is hope in recovery.  

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