After treatment, adjusting to a new lifestyle can be overwhelming. Many changes must be made so you can live a productive, healthy life without drugs or alcohol. Treatment teaches you how to cope with stress, anxiety, and challenges throughout the recovery process.

Going back to work after treatment can be scary and stressful. When you know what to expect, you can develop a plan on how to manage tough questions from coworkers about your absence while maintaining your sobriety.

It is normal for coworkers to wonder where you have been while in treatment, and although you have a right to anonymity, consider being open and honest. Admitting that you struggle with addiction and went to treatment can help you in the recovery process. There may be some judgment about your battle with addiction, but there could be others in the workplace that suffer from addiction or are affected by it in some way.

Going back to work after treatment is very therapeutic and helps to:

  • Increase income. Returning to work after treatment means you can pay the bills on time and save money that was used on drugs or alcohol.
  • Become self-sufficient. Going back to work allows you to be independent.
  • Increase stability. Steady employment where you are expected to show up on time and perform your job on a regular basis produces stability.
  • Use time constructively. Going back to work allows you to be productive and fill in the time that was spent on using drugs or alcohol.
  • Get back to normalcy. Having and maintaining a job is indicative of normalcy. It means you can return to your responsibilities.  

Returning to work after treatment can be very rewarding and beneficial to your recovery, but prevent yourself from experiencing burnout. Avoid getting burned-out by pacing yourself and slowing down. Always ask for help when needed.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, get help today. Addiction is treatable and recovery is possible. Take the first step toward sobriety and experience a balanced, confident, rejuvenated you in recovery.

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