Special events such as weddings, holidays, parties and other social events can be difficult for people who are in recovery. Many people associate these events with drinking alcohol. Attending these events can be very challenging, especially if you suffer from a mental health condition. Sadly, many people think alcohol is needed to have fun.

In reality, consuming alcohol can make people do things they normally would not do. Some people engage in risky behavior when they drink and put themselves and others at risk, especially if they attempt to drive. When you go to a party and stay sober, you can have more fun than when you drink alcohol.

Here are some tips on staying sober:
  • Bring your own drink. Having a drink readily available can stop the temptation to get an alcoholic beverage. When you have a drink in hand, you are less likely to feel the urge to order a drink.
  • Order a non-alcoholic beverage. If you do not want to attract attention over your non-alcoholic drink, get a tonic, fizzy water, or soda in a nice glass with a slice of lemon or lime.
  • Have an escape plan. If you have an escape plan, you will be comfortable knowing you can leave at any time. This can also ease stress and symptoms of social anxiety. If people came to the party with you, be sure they have a ride home.
  • Treat yourself. Plan a nice treat for yourself the following day for staying sober. Each day of sobriety deserves to be celebrated.
  • Do not have any regrets. When people drink alcohol, they can do embarrassing things they normally would not do. Be happy you did not participate in any alcohol-induced risky behavior.

Alcohol is not needed to have fun. Getting together with friends, family, and coworkers can be fun without consuming alcoholic beverages. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, get help right away. Know that you can be confident, engage in conversation, and have fun without alcohol. Do not wait, get help today.

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