Packing for your stay in treatment can be overwhelming. Knowing what you should bring to treatment beforehand will be less stressful. Treatment Follow the general guidelines of what usually is and is not acceptable.

What you should bring to treatment:

  • A list of personal contacts with phone numbers. Bring a list of your contacts and phone numbers so you can keep in touch with your loved ones or employer. Find out if you are allowed to use a phone when permitted and if you will need a calling card.
  • Clothes. Bring several days’ worth of comfortable clothes. Check with the facility if laundry detergent is available. If laundry detergent is not available, remember to bring your own.
  • Identification, debit/credit card, and cash. Identification is important, so bring a form of ID with you. Keep a small amount of cash with you in case you ever need it.
  • Toiletries. Bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, and hair dryer if you use one. Do not bring mouthwash or anything else containing alcohol.
  • Medication. If you use prescription medication, bring it with you. However, you will be required to keep it with personnel at the facility during your stay. Bring the medication in its original container.
  • Hobby interests. Knitting materials, books with appropriate content and journals are some of the things that will keep you occupied during downtime.

What you should not bring to treatment:

  • Drugs or alcohol. The reason you are getting treatment is to stop drug or alcohol use. Do not bring drugs or alcohol.
  • Cosmetics. Some cosmetics contain alcohol. Leave cosmetic products at home.
  • Electronics or games. Some electronics are not allowed. Check with your admission counselor for the types of electronics not permitted.

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