Addiction affects all aspects of a person’s life, including relationships. Many relationships are broken due to substance abuse and addiction. In treatment, a person is taught life skills necessary for transitioning to a new substance-free lifestyle. People and places associated with the addiction must be avoided to make way for new, healthy, sober relationships.

If you are battling addiction, you can mend broken relationships with family and loved ones, but it may take time to heal. When you suffer with an addiction, family and loved ones experience a range of emotions, including fear, helplessness, and anxiety.

During treatment, you will develop ways to avoid triggers. People associated with your substance use or behavioral problems can put you at high risk of relapse. Building healthy and sustainable relationships with sober people are imperative to your well-being, state of mind, and recovery.

Here are some steps to build healthy and sustainable relationships after addiction:

  • Start by re-building a relationship with yourself. When you are in recovery, re-establish healthy self-care routines. Self-esteem and confidence decrease with addiction, especially if you have an underlying mental health condition. Discover who you are and what interests you.
  • Build relationships with several people. By attending group meetings, you will meet many sober people and establish healthy relationships. Try building more than one relationship. If you focus on one person too long or frequently, you may unknowingly ignite a new dependency on that person.
  • Invite loved ones to group or family therapy. They need time to heal and you can work on slowly mending any trust issues.
  • Keep communication open with each other. Listen to your loved ones and respect any boundaries they establish. This will help rebuild any broken trust.  

While you are in treatment, you will learn skills to cope with stress and the importance of avoiding people who were associated with your substance use. There are many opportunities to meet people in group meetings and develop healthy, sustainable, and sober relationships.

Addiction is complicated but treatable. Cypress Lake Recovery provides excellence in addiction treatment. Do not wait. Get help today.

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