After treatment, you need to prepare for potential challenges in recovery. In recovery, you must make lifestyle changes. This includes avoiding people, places, and things that relate to your lifestyle of using drugs or alcohol and any possible triggers.

Learning relapse prevention skills can help prevent high-risk situations. Here are some ways to prepare for challenges in recovery:

  • Identify your triggers. The urge to use drugs or alcohol again can be strong. Avoid people, places, or things associated with your drug or alcohol use. An old friend can unknowingly put pressure on you to have just one drink. He or she might have good intentions, but even one drink puts you at risk for relapse.
  • Build your resources and support. Get support from sober friends and family and let them know if you feel the urge to use drugs or alcohol again. They can encourage you to stay on track to sobriety. Keep attending group meetings after treatment ends. Many friendships are established through meeting other sober people to count on for support.
  • Stay busy. Keep your mind occupied so there is less time to think about using drugs or alcohol. Discover your interests or get involved with sports. Join a gym and workout every day. Working out not only keeps your body physically fit, but also improves mental health.
  • Learn what causes a relapse. An emotional event such as a break up with your loved one or friend, or a death in the family can cause a relapse. Emotional events mixed with drugs or alcohol is not a good way to cope.
  • Recognize mental health and stability. People suffering from mental health problems are at high risk of using drugs and alcohol. If you have depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, or ADHD, go to a doctor who can prescribe and manage the right medication for your condition.

If you or a loved one is battling an addiction, get help now. Make the call today and save yourself from the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. Recovery is possible.

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