Making a commitment entails a decision to stick to a goal. It involves taking responsibility to ensure you undertake everything in your power to maintain a steady course with the commitment you make. Detoxing your body from alcohol is a huge step. Another step is admitting you are powerless over alcohol. You may wonder, if you are powerless over alcohol, then how can you stay sober. The answer is simple, but the journey requires diligence and most important, a commitment to sobriety.

Millions of people love their home team baseball club. They never waiver from that love. They never say, well, the Red Sox have lost three games so far this season, and I am not going to route for them anymore. That’s the same level of commitment sobriety takes. Your commitment to sobriety, like the Red Sox losing a few games, doesn’t deter their fans, although the fans can get a little discouraged at times.

Getting discouraged in sobriety comes with the territory. Feelings come and go. Making a commitment may seem easy, but staying the course requires goals and objectives. In sobriety, the lasting goal is never to drink again. The objectives are the steps in between and along the way. 12 Step Meetings are a productive way to best learn basic steps to take to maintain your sobriety. The 12 Steps are well thought out, and create space for self examination and change.

Again, consider the Red Sox. They aren’t in the game just for fun. They want to win, and in order to win they have to practice and build their skills. A commitment to sobriety involves building your recovery skills, like strengthening friendships, reaching out to others in need, getting out of your own way, letting go of the things you cannot change, being proactive, making amends, and yes learning to have enjoy life again.  

It is possible that one can make a commitment to sobriety and never find any joy in life. This can happen if a person doesn’t seek guidance and help in the form of a rehab, meetings and therapy. They may not drink, but they don’t change any of their behaviors, attitudes or lifestyle.

A commitment to sobriety is never ending. It’s your life’s game changer. It’s the difference between existing in hell and rolling with the punches. It’s the difference between poor health and healing your body mind and spirit.

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