There are an array of skills necessary to develop to achieve a well-rounded sober life. Your job is important for earning a living, but your homelife is the center of the spoke. When you recover from the throws of addiction you need to find a home or place to live where you feel safe, comfortable and supported by those with whom you live.

If your spouse or others in your home are heavy drinkers, drugs, or have substance abuse issues, then this is not an environment that’s going to be beneficial to your sobriety or nourish your life. Many people who want help with their sobriety are admitted to rehabs that are not near their hometown or city. When they are preparing to leave the rehab, a counsellor will want to help them locate a place to live other than home, if home is not safe.

If you are newly sober and are not living in a place that feels safe, contact your local Social Services for help. Finding a safe place to live is like reaching an island after a long swim for survival. Once on your island you can begin working on your your daily and weekly sobriety skills.

Many important skills stem right from home, like your physical health. At home you can begin a regime for making healthy choices for your sober life. If you consider yourself a lousy cook, then you can work on cooking skills that include a balanced diet with nutritional foods. Learning to prepare food from scratch instead of from a jar or a can, may take longer, but it will be well worth the time. For one you will be living in the moment and reducing stress from the day. You can’t chop vegetables or saute onions any faster unless you go to chef’s school, so you might as well enjoy the process.

If you can’t find time to both exercise and prepare a totally healthy meal during the same day, then change up your schedule. Developing sober life skills isn’t about being strict with yourself, but being flexible. Instead of going out for a half hour walk, get down on the floor and stretch or make oatmeal for dinner and get in a 45 minute walk before your meeting or therapy session. Balance and choice may waiver, but then it’s important to get back to basics: good food, exercise, and a support system for your sobriety.

Developing skills to keep your finances in check may take time and patience with yourself. Financial skills can include preparing a budget so that you can live within your means, asking if you really need to make that purchase, paying your bills and debt, and putting a bit of money away for emergencies.

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