Every day, in fact every minute and hour is new. When you are struggling to overcome an addiction, considering the increments of daily living can benefit your outlook. You may already have heard the term one day at a time. When you break it down further it may help you stay in the moment. I am staying sober right now! The point is to use each moment, every minute, hour and day as a new beginning.

You have other options, too, like getting up early and attending an early morning meeting or going to a noon meeting during your lunch break. These are opportunities allow you to be totally immersed in your recovery with the support of like-minded individuals who have the same goal as you.

It might be helpful for you to script out your activities for the day. Wake: 6:00 am, let the dog out and feed her and the kids, help your spouse, do the dishes, leave for work, break time (time to think about gratitude), lunch and a meeting, afternoon break time (time to reflect on the beauty of the day), home, time with the kids, walk the dog, early dinner and a meeting. Phew! If you do not have a busy schedule and have lots of time on your hands, you might use a calendar to plan activities in addition to meetings. Planning activities will give you something to focus on, and something to look forward to—thus taking your mind off craving.

When you live in the moment, there’s no need to dwell on any ill feelings you may have towards yourself and others. There’s a time and place for making amends. Learning to forgive yourself is a process that comes from listening to others at meetings, and working with a therapist and learning about self compassion.

The past is over, caput, done. Use each moment of your day to enjoy your job, your family, the blue sky, and rain for the gardens. If there’s something amiss in your life, use your moments to reflect upon what you can do differently to improve the situation.

When your opportunities and your life at large was being choked out by addiction, you probably didn’t even think about anything except when, where and how you were next going to use the substance of your choice. Each moment now is a new beginning, a time to be present, a time to fully live.

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