Staying sober is often thought of as a selfish endeavor because almost all of your energy goes into deflecting the urge to drink alcohol or take drugs one day at a time. This is especially the case early on as you compete daily with the disease. Living sober can become a way of life and in fact if you have an addiction, it must become a way of life, if you are to live fully and happily.

There may come a time when you don’t want to go to a meeting every night of the week, or once a day. When you decide not to go to as many meetings, it is important to ask yourself why. Are there other things you need to concentrate on now that the craving has died down? Are you growing restless with meetings, and tired of hearing the same old jargon? Is your spouse, partner or girlfriend needing more attention? Do you think you’ve got this sobriety thing all wrapped up? Do you think you are judging others because you see yourself in them? Is it time to look more deeply into your feelings?

Integrating recovery into daily life and expanding your options takes time and careful consideration. It’s not smart to dump meetings all together. If you decide to cut back, consider making a plan to check in with one of your sober friends or sponsor once a week. Also, if you have a therapist, check in with him or her, too. Notice how you manage your time, your spirit, your moods and your feelings after you have cut back on meetings.

People in fellowship programs can have very strong feelings about those who choose to branch out into sober living and not attend as many meetings. They may worry that if you don’t stick to it, that you will have a slip. While this is a legitimate fear, it is also incumbent upon others to live and let live. In other words, mind their own business. You and only you are in charge of your sobriety.

What if, because you got sober, you were able to work towards a dream that took up a lot of time. Maybe you want to start your own business, or undertake a huge home project. Integrating all you learned in sobriety can prepare you for the ups and downs of making a dream come true. Feeling the joy of sober living, fulfilling dreams, branching out, dating someone new can all come with taking good care of yourself, eating well, exercising, and keeping connected to your sober friends.

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