Many people lead very active lives. Mothers and fathers haul their kids off to soccer, softball, baseball games and work three jobs on top of it all. Talk about being tired! There are many reasons why people are exhausted all the time, but one of them comes from more than too many activities and responsibilities.

You just can’t motivate yourself to check in on your mother who is sick, or anything else for that matter. Being unmotivated and tired all the time can be a sign of depression.

When you are tired, stressed or feeling overwhelmed you can become easily annoyed and snap at others. Being irritable all the time is also symptomatic of depression—quick to anger, quick to tears.

Are you sleeping well? Do you wake up tired, even after a good night’s sleep? Do you walk into the bedroom every chance you get to take a nap? You may conclude that you are just plain exhausted, but excessive sleeping and poor sleep habits are signs depression is upon you.

When people are severely depressed, their executive functioning skills take a back seat. Executive functions relate to time management, the ability to pay attention, your working memory, flexible thinking and self-control. When a person is depressed, they may find it difficult to get to the grocery store, let alone make out the list. They may not be able to take care of their household’s daily maintenance, cleaning, paying bills, walking the dog.

Depression can take hold because of chronic pain, or a long-term health issue, like recovering from an automobile accident. Studies show that those who suffer with chronic pain have three times the average risk of developing depression or other psychiatric symptoms.

People who are depressed may dress to the hilt to hide their condition. They may also not give a hoot about their appearance. When depressed, it doesn’t matter what socio-economic group a person is from for the inside of their thoughts to appear on the outside.

Other signs for depression include isolating. You never go out, you don’t want to do anything adventurous, you have no enthusiasm for anything and your attitude is flat, you can’t concentrate at home or at work, and you constantly rail against yourself.

You don’t have to suffer from any of these symptoms because depression is treatable. Make yourself go to the doctor and ask for help today!

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