This statement might sound too new agey for your temperament, but consider the implications. Your body comprises your life’s holdings. Keeping the bricks and mortar of your body in the best physical condition you can, will aid your recovery from an addiction. It can also ensure more energy to accomplish the things you want to now that you are sober.

You may well know there are drugs and medications out there for a wide range of ailments. You could have been one of the thousands of people who were caught in the talons of addiction via a painkiller. Now that you are drug free, consider your options for not only maintaining a healthy body, but for improving it. Chemicals are in everything from toothpaste to shampoo to thousands of foods on the market. What behooves you to take additional steps, not only to protect your body, but improve your physical fitness?

We all have favorite foods. Some people with allergies can’t eat anything with gluten in it. Others love chocolate and sweets, but in order to maintain a healthy body, may choose to limit their treats. If you take a step to improve your diet, you don’t need to do it all at once. If your weight is a concern, you can start by just using a smaller plate for your meals. Cutting back slowly, rather than all at once, will ease you into a new routine.

Rethink your habits. Do you flop down on the couch after work and wait for your spouse to call you when dinner is ready? Our body is not just physical. We have to take care of our emotional and spiritual lives as well. What if you joined your spouse in the kitchen and offered to help make dinner, or asked if he or she would like to join you for a walk, and then you’ll help with dinner. Changing habits can rekindle a relationship that’s been challenged by an addiction.

Whoever you are, where ever you live, you can give your body a spiritual boost. This can be from the feelings and camaraderie you pick up in fellowship meetings. It can also be attained by doing something you love, like reading, taking a trip to the arboretum, watching the sun rise or set, walking in nature, looking for shooting stars in the night sky. Finding or having spiritually gives us an opportunity to look beyond the material aspects of life, and give ourselves another form of nourishment for maintaining our sobriety.

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