Depending upon where you live, the weather may be warming up, buds forming on the trees and plants beginning to sprout. Think back to the days, months and years when an addiction held your attitude in the trash. You may have rolled over in the morning, groaned, and punched down the snooze button on your alarm clock. Sobriety gives you the opportunity to wake up looking forward to the possibilities in each new day.

Instead of a blistering hangover and the need to spike your orange juice with gin or vodka, you can now enjoy your coffee and breakfast. Sure, you may have worries, and some tough things on your plate to handle, but now you can achieve them without the aid of a drink. It’s really a courageous thing you’ve done getting sober, and you can use that knowledge as power to make things happen in your life.

When you are newly sober it is important and grounding to create a routine for yourself. No matter if you live in a halfway house, apartment, condo, or a house in the city, suburbs or countryside. If you have to get up at 5 am, you may have already established a routine just to get to work on time. No matter your schedule, you can add positive elements to your routine. Creating and repeating an affirmation can help start your day with a fresh attitude. If you don’t want to make up your own affirmation, there are great little books you can buy with sayings for everyday of the year.

Here are some thoughts for what your affirmations. Today I am going to walk the dog down a different street, stop and buy muffins for the guys at the worksite. Today I am going to smile at a stranger. I am going to do something, and not expect anything in return. Today I will practice humility. Tonight I am going to arrive early at my meeting, help set up, and get to know some people. Each day I will respect myself, and my feelings.

Each day is a chance to begin anew, even if it’s raining or there’s an unexpected spring storm bringing sleet and freezing rain. Notice what’s around you. Feel the air on your face, and each step you take. You are alive and sober—what could be better? If being sober isn’t enough, then take the steps to make your life more of what you want it to be.

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