You have decided to stop drinking and are in the throws of your first day without a drink. The craving is difficult, but it’s all in your mind. You keep putting the hours and often the minutes behind you. The key words here are decision and choice. You might catch yourself saying tomorrow will be a better day to stop, but would it? Tomorrow, you could say the same thing, make the same excuse. This is where you have to dig into your resolve, because no one is going to do it for you. In the end, following through with sobriety is up to you.

Some people choose to go to a rehab to treat addiction. Rehabs are safe places to go to for your first days and weeks without a drink or a substitute. Others find an AA meeting in their town is suitable for them. They’ve heard that AA works. You may hear in a meeting that you are powerless over alcohol. This statement speaks to the disease, but you still have a choice. Let’s say you have a cancerous spot on your arm. You didn’t get the cancer on purpose, nor did you become an alcoholic on purpose. It was a no brainer to make the decision to go to a dermatologist to have the basal cell removed. Alcoholism is also a dangerous and life-threatening disease that can be treated as well. It’s up to you.

Consider the pros and cons of your choice. If you don’t stop, you’ll continue to wake up with god-awful hangovers, the shakes, and not remembering what the heck you did last night or how you got home. A hot shower barely revives you, and then you have to get to work, and act like everything is just hunkey dorey, not only with your colleagues, but with your friends and family. The pros, of course our limitless, so don’t play games with yourself, like saying you’re really not that bad off. Being honest with yourself is key.

When you stop an addiction you have to change your habits from the get go. There will be no more nips at noontime, covered up by mouthwash and breath mints. There will be a noontime meeting to go to instead. There will be no more stopping off at the packy on the way home for a bottle of bourbon, but there will be a stop at the grocery store for sparkling water, your favorite juice or beverage. At home, you’ll start dinner right away, and pour yourself a glass of juice. Changing your habits will help give you confidence and knowledge that you CAN stay sober. Applaud yourself, you’re going to make it!

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