You’ve been counting the days until your long awaited vacation. You even made plans to go away with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or spouse. Now all you have to do is take care of a few housekeeping details, pack and get to the airport. Then it hits you, you’re going to fly sober for the first time since you were a little kid.

It’s important to make a plan for getting through the part where the flight attendant comes down the aisle with the cart. Part of your plan can be acknowledging to your trip partner if or when you get triggered by the option for a nip. Perhaps, too you can have an affirmation ready to say to yourself. It could be something like, Alcohol is no longer a part of my life, and I am so much better without it. I would much rather drink something healthy.

One of the great things about fellowship programs is they are everywhere—all across the United States, and all over the world. No matter where you go on your vacation, if you need to go to a meeting, you can easily find one. People enjoy it when out-of-towners come to their meetings and announce themselves. It’s a great part of the camaraderie of sober people, and it can make you feel really good.

Feeling good is what vacations are all about! No matter if you are going on a sightseeing road trip or flying into a Caribbean Island to lie in the sun and swim in the aqua-colored water. If you start obsessing about how this is the first time you are doing something sober, change the script in your head to something more affirming. I am enjoying my vacation with my loved one and I am looking forward to many many more. I have everything I need to enjoy life.

Sometimes things can go wrong on your vacation. It might rain the entire time, or you could miss your connecting flight. Try to take everything in stride and when, or if, you find yourself getting really frustrated then say the Serenity Prayer to yourself. You can also use the time to explore fun options you might not have known about if it didn’t start raining. Your sober life, whether on vacation or not is what you make of it. Go for the gold!

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