When a person is addicted, he or she does not suffer alone. Addiction is a family disease and puts a huge strain on family members. Fortunately, there are ways a family can heal. Here are 8 ways the family can heal during treatment:

  1. Attend family therapy and counseling. Participate in family therapy and counseling during treatment. This emotionally and mentally helps the family learn to cope.   
  2. Maintain healthy communication with each other. Lack of communication causes a lot of misunderstandings and confusion. Keep all communication open and family members can express themselves in a healthy, productive manner.
  3. Learn as much as possible. The family should learn as much as they can about drug and alcohol addiction. This includes meeting other families who are going through a healing process with their addicted loved one. Go to AL-ANON/NAR-ANON meetings, listen to other families’ experiences, and discuss your struggles with other families who are healing from their loved one’s addiction.
  4. Set boundaries and expectations. Family members should set boundaries and expectations. Boundaries are a way to protect yourself and establishes respect. Reinforce these limits to help rebuild trust and respect with your loved one.
  5. Stay healthy. Make time for yourself and continue doing things that are enjoyable and pleasing to you. Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  6. Go to Individual therapy or counseling. The healing process can be overwhelming. Individual therapy or counseling can help you cope. Therapists and counselors can guide you through the healing process.
  7. Get enough sleep. Be sure to stay on schedule with your sleep. An over-stimulated brain can lead to sleep deprivation or other disruptive sleep patterns. Talk to a medical professional about sleep schedule and he or she might have suggestions for you to get back to normal sleep patterns.
  8. Stay positive. The person with the addiction is taking the steps to recovery and needs encouragement and support in his or her efforts. When families forgive their addicted loved one for his or her disruptive behaviors, the healing process will be more manageable.

An article on recovery in The Fix (2018) stated, “When your loved one is in treatment, they’re learning about how to become a better person and how to live a healthier life. They’re coming out from under the long shadow of addiction where life has withered. But, fortunately, life hasn’t died. There’s still hope.

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