Addiction is a family disease. It affects everyone in the family. A loved one’s obsessive, drug-seeking behavior destroys relationships and brings chaos to the people closest to him or her.

When a loved one has an addiction, the family experiences a wide range of emotions, such as helplessness, hopelessness, and anxiety. Everyone needs time to heal. Addiction causes mental and emotional trauma. Family therapy is a crucial component of addiction recovery.

The person suffering from addiction starts the recovery process by going to treatment, but the family also needs help with recovery. It is not easy to understand what addiction does to a person or why it is so difficult to stop the addictive behavior. Family therapy sessions start the healing process for family members and loved ones.

All family members need to be honest with each other. Trust is compromised if anyone lies or hides anything from the rest of the family. It helps to have meaningful conversations so everyone can begin the healing process. Talk with the therapist to express any concerns, issues, or conflicts.

In therapy, family members will learn:
1. They are not the cause of their loved one’s addictive behaviors
2. They are not responsible for their loved one’s addiction
3. There is no cure for addiction

During the healing process, family members will learn about addiction and what causes it. A family therapist or individual counselor can guide family on the best way to talk to their loved one. Family members should never shame, guilt, or demean their loved one’s addictive behavior.

Speaking negatively reinforces feelings of worthlessness, helplessness, and self-destruction. This will only lead the loved one to continue drug or alcohol use to numb the way they feel. Positive, encouraging, and supportive conversation will help the recovery process. A family and their loved one should take as much time as they need to heal.

Addiction does not discriminate by age, race, sex, or professional status. A family can heal after addiction, but it takes a lot of time and work from all involved. Consistency, patience, and forgiveness, will strengthen broken relationships.

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