Music is therapeutic and can alter or influence moods and emotions. People use music as a way to cope with stress, sadness, fear, or just for fun. Music is used as a healthy activity to recover in treatment and generates critical thinking skills. The mind, body, and spirit benefit from music therapy. Music has a positive psychological effect on people, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Music soothes the soul and helps in treatment and recovery.

Writing music promotes critical thinking with a healthy, clear, and focused mind. It saturates the soul and influences creativity and psychological healing. Writing music is used as outlet for communication. An individual can express his or her experiences and feelings through writing music.

Playing music is therapeutic for a person with the ability to play or has an interest in musical instruments. A musically talented person can play music to relieve symptoms of anxiety or depression. Playing an instrument is a healthy activity to stay focused and substance-free throughout recovery.

Many people listen to music at home, in the car, or while exercising. Music has the ability to heighten a person’s mood and emotions. Listening to music after a devastating event can influence a person’s grief. Listening to music uplifts the mood, reduces anxiety, and is a therapeutic tool to cope.

Creating lyrics for music lets a person write out his or her feelings and incorporate them into the form of a song. This is extremely helpful to a person who has difficulty talking about his or her trauma. An individual’s lyrics speak for him or her and act as a voice to share traumatic experiences.

Substance abuse develops as a way to cope with stress, anxiety, arguments, or the death of a loved one. When overcome with grief, turning to substances is a way to escape. Music therapy teaches individuals to use music during challenging times to prevent a relapse. Analyzing music, teaching music to peers, and singing requires critical thinking skills and helps to raise spiritual wellness.

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